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"We're still the
best, the best alive,
we're the class of 75"
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This page was last updated on: December 7, 2017

    Class Of 1975
                        A look at our past
          Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion
                September 10th & 11th 2011
                                                                       December 7, 2017

Dear Class Of 75..
  Summer has once again come & gone, as have the little Hummingbird that came to feed at our window, until he could take the cold no more..He stayed with us as long as he could, & on Thanksgiving Day he departed....
It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than 3 wks away.  I keep looking at this naked tree in my living room, with the decoration boxes all around it, like presents under a tree, thinking.."I have got to decorate that today"  But something else always seems to occupy my time, & is more important than the bare naked tree...
  Mondays... I don't have time..Monday is for catching up on chores I didn't feel like doing on Sunday.  Tuesdays is what I call "My Day", & that's where I do everything "My ass" didn't feel like doing on Monday...Wednesday is "Bulk Cooking Day"  Where I make meals to cover 2 days, so I can have time to do what "My ass" didn't feel like doing on Monday & Tuesday..and didn't have time to do on Wednesday..Thursday is "Thursdays With Aunt Lora Day"..
  My Dad's sister Lora lives in another town, & since most all of her siblings have passed, she spends alot of time by herself...
  It's funny..we were never really very close..But in the last couple years we have got to know each other, & I see a different side to her than I did before..She is so funny..She is very smart, & she remembers everything from the past days of her growing up..
  I very much love hearing stories of how it was back then, stories about my Grandmother & my Father...& her rememberance of Christmas past..She often lights up my days with her stories, & I have become grateful to have "Thursdays With Aunt Lora"
I will end with saying...Cherish those you love..for they may be here one day, and gone the my little Hummingbird......
And...sadly..I have once again, had to update our "Memories Of" page...sadly adding more of our classmates & friends...

Classmates:  Randy Binkley, Debra Vogann, & Tayna Huffman

Gary Horn, passed unexpectdedly at his home November of 2016, soon after, our dearest Mike Gumbert, who everyone knew as Spanky, Gumby, Orson passed away.
They are joined by classmates Pam Barker, Tim Anderson,
Donna Browning, Rick Tate, and more recently, Jolene Yardly & our caringly, funny Craig Rohrer...

Our hearts go out to our classmates family & friends....
May your hearts be comforted with wonderful memories of them..

Until we meet again...
Missy Brown Brubaker

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(Missy Brown)
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