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"We're still the
best, the best alive,
we're the class of 75"
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This page was last updated on: April 8, 2018

    Class Of 1975
                        A look at our past
          Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion
                September 10th & 11th 2011
                                                                               April 8, 2018

Dear Class Of 75..

  Well...looks like April got us good!  We've had sun, a warm couple days, snow, enough rain to build an Ark, snow again & winds that will ruin a good comb-over..

  Either way..we will eventually get thru Spring & come into summer!
I for one will be VERY glad for summer! 
I am not the type of person who enjoys the cold winter months in Ohio..never have been!
  I love being outdoor in the SUN, hearing the birds & the kids down the street playing & laughing..
  I love swimming, & laying in the sun, and yes I know it causes wrinkles..I'm 60..I don't have to worry bout that anymore, it's happening whether I stay in the sun or behind a veil of sunglasses, sun hat, smothered with the lovely scent of chemically laced sun blocker, all while under a big shade tree..No that's not happenin..
  I will enjoy everyday of summer, the heat, the bugs, the dogs barkin, the kids screaming, the sweating, the humid hair thing, the blinding brightness & the people bitchin about how hot it is..

God didn't give us the coming sunny days, to spend more months behind walls, trying to stay cool, with blinds closed..
So get up, get out, and enjoy the coming summer!!!
Until we meet again...
Missy Brown Brubaker

Cherish those you love..for they may be here one day, and gone, just like our summer days....
And...sadly..I have once again, had to update our "Memories Of" page...sadly adding more of our classmates & friends...

Classmates:  Randy Binkley, Debra Vogann, & Tanya Huffman, Doug Criner, & Kathy Dill.

Gary Horn, passed unexpectdedly at his home November of 2016, soon after, our dearest Mike Gumbert, who everyone knew as Spanky, Gumby, Orson passed away.
They are joined by classmates Pam Barker, Tim Anderson,
Donna Browning, Rick Tate, and more recently, Jolene Yardly & our caringly, funny Craig Rohrer...

Our hearts go out to our classmates family & friends....
May your hearts be comforted with wonderful memories of them..

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(Missy Brown)
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