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"We're still the
best, the best alive,
we're the class of 75"
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This page was last updated on: November 30, 2016

    Class Of 1975
                        A look at our past
          Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion
                September 10th & 11th 2011
                                                                    May 13, 2016

Class Of 75...
Although I could not attend, I hear that our 40th Reunion was a huge success, with many classmates attending, having a great time!
Special thanks to our Reunion Commitee members, Michael Leffel & Kaye Bolton Seese for spending so much time putting this Reunion together, to make it a great time for all who attended!

The following was posted on Troy High Class of 1975 Facebook page by Admin. Michael Leffel:

"As a result of our 40th Class Reunion, we as the Class of 1975 have donated $1,500 to be divided into 3 - $500 scholarships for three deserving 2016 graduating seniors. Also, as we had some extra money, that was not labeled for scholarship fund, so we donated $500 to Troy High School to be used specifically for needs in the classrooms. Needs that most often fall upon the shoulders of Teachers to foot the bill, such as tissues and other classroom supplies that are not covered by the school."

Way to go Class of 1975!
Our cute wittle punkin of a classmate, my dear friend Mike Leffel, who not only is a committee member, but also runs the Facebook page,
Troy High School Class Of 1975, which can be found by clicking this link--->

If you wish to contact Mikal, please do so through this e-mail addy:

       Classmates, please, on occasion, sign the Guest Book, here on the site, and TYPE IN YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDY, so that Committee Members will know where the heck you are!

Until we meet again...Missy Brown Brubaker
(Missy Brown)
Click the link below, to see a DVD of:
                   "30th Oops 31st"
Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion!