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"We're still the
best, the best alive,
we're the class of 75"
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This page was last updated on: December 20, 2016

    Class Of 1975
                        A look at our past
          Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion
                September 10th & 11th 2011
                                                                    December 20, 2016

Dearest Class Of 75....

  It seems like yesterday, we were all care free, laughing & joking our way down the halls of Troy High.  Pranking one another, or watching from afar, as one of the guys pranked their friends, then pretending like you didn't know anything about it...
When I remember back, I remember my typing class & the girl who we will call "Sharon".  "Sharon" sat next to me, & every typing test, just as the Teacher would hit her stop watch & say "Go","Sharon" would reach over & hit my margin button, & my return bar, & it would mess everything up.  To this day, I can't type without looking at my fingers & looking to my left for "Sharon's"
  Then there was the time a friend of mine we will call "Mary", brought pink labeled cigars to school.  Her cousins wife had just gave birth the night before, & of course "Mary" scooped up the cute pink cigars, even though she didn't smoke.. I think it was on a bet, but we eventually lit one of those babies up..bought threw up, & THEN went to class.  My class that period was History with my favorite Teacher..Mr. McDougall.  Class starts..& after just a few minutes, he gets a funny look on his face, strolls up & down the isles of seats, stops at mine & says.."Miss Brown..have you been smoking a cigar?"..With 20 pairs of eyes on me & him in his mustash..I had no words,.. & he promptly sat me in the hallway for "Stinking up his classroom"...Yep..looking back on High School days, can be quite an
  As I close, I would like to tell you all that I have enjoyed running this site all these years, but there are times that it breaks my heart..Those times would be when I have to add yet another classmate to our "In Memory Of" page..
In just the past few months, we have had four classmates pass away, & our classmate, Gary Horn, passed unexpectdedly at his home the end of November, and last week our dearest Mike Gumbert, who everyone knew as Spanky, Gumby, Orson passed away...  They are joined by classmates Pam Barker, Tim Anderson, Donna Browning & Rick Tate, who have all passed away in just a few months..Our hearts & prayers go out to all our classmates famlies & friends.  Know that everyone will always have fond & funny memories of your loved ones & friends..Our classmates..
Life is about living, creating memories thru  love & friendship, always knowing that one day we will all meet again...

Until we meet again...
Missy Brown Brubaker

Our cute wittle punkin of a classmate, my dear friend Mike Leffel, who not only is a committee member, but also runs the Facebook page,
Troy High School Class Of 1975, which can be found by clicking this link--->

If you wish to contact Mikal, please do so through this e-mail addy:

       Classmates, please, on occasion, sign the Guest Book, here on the site, and TYPE IN YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDY, so that Committee Members will know where the heck you are!
(Missy Brown)
Click the link below, to see a DVD of:
                   "30th Oops 31st"
Troy High Class Of 1975 Reunion!